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Great customer service – What to expect from an industry leader

Insurance has changed in many ways in since Cheap Insurance Agency started in 1974. To find coverage back then, we used to have to manually read through actuarial tables, and hope that we did not miss any key information that could end up costing the customer more money in an ‘up-rate’ after the policy was bound. Or, miss something in those tables that could qualify a customer for a discount, leaving them paying too much for coverage.

Today, we have direct access to carrier rates based on the information provided by customers. What used to take hours, or yes, even days, in the past now only takes minutes in the easiest instances, or a few hours for complicated coverage needs. What’s more, insurance companies used to move everything through the mail – which added significant delay to a process as simple as adding or removing a vehicle from a policy. Or increasing coverage because the customer purchased a home, and needed higher limits to protect their new assets.

Today, we can make changes to your policy via a simple phone call,  an email, a fax, even a text message to our text line! Most of these changes do need to be made in writing, but snapping a photo of a signed request and emailing, faxing or texting it will be sufficient in most cases. (Keep in mind, changes are not complete until you receive confirmation from one of our customer service staff, or from the insurance carrier).

Dial, or from your mobile device you can Click to CALL our Agency Customer Service Center 844-591-1495

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